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Saturday, February 20, 2010

state competition, and morp

Competition went well. Mrs. Moore decorated the room with a sign and balloons and had colorful goodie bags on each seat waiting for us this morning. They each had two mountain dews, oreo cookies, a twix bar, hershey bar and a box of nerds in them. Why? Because we're dead in the morning and she was going on and on about how we need to have more energy for this performance. It worked but then half of us died on the bus ride back to school. I woke up at 6:30 am and straightened my hair. I never straighten my hair in the morning. I feel I looked very nice today which was good for picture taking :) Not to be arrogant. Since we have violas now, yay for Nhat Ha and Saira, we were able to get a rating. We got a 2 on the performance and a 1 on the sightreading. For those who don't know the score works backwards and 1 is the highest you can get. 5 is the lowest. I completely bit it walking through the hallway when we left the warm-up room to go on stage. I dropped my bow, held up the line to pick it up and put it back in the proper holding position, and then my shoulder rest collapsed and I help up the line once again trying to fix it before it fell off completely. We went to applebees afterwards. Picture time.

Morp was on Friday and that was fun as well. Ellen gave me a ride and I went to the basketball game. I hung around Artie Jan and Ellen mostly and I ripped my fingernail chasing Jan around with toilet paper T_T Not all of it, but enough for it to hurt. Aimee got pissed off at me like she always does because I had been thinking about going to see a movie with her but told her last minute that I wanted to go to the basketball game instead. You'd probably be mad too...oh well. Um...this is unrelated to morp but I need to fill up the space by this photo. I had about 10 food cravings in 5 minutes the other night and texted my friend saying "Pickles are delicious." He responded with "Kasey. Are you pregnant."


Okay...More pictures? I think so.
(it's really awkward to type with these band-aids covering my index finger)

After Ellen got done crying because she is seriously afraid of balloons and people kept popping them. T_T poor baby

I love how Artie was in 4/5 of them.

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