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Sunday, January 31, 2010

some pictures...

Now I'm actually uploading what I call my "photography."

I tried to do a little photoshoot with my cat...it kind of worked.
I tried to get a good picture of my gerbils, too...that definitely didn't work.
Damn my camera's slow shutter speed.
Maybe I should have taken advantage of the "kids and pets" button now that I think of it...

This is my gerbil. I don't know her name. No, seriously. All of my gerbils are the same color and although they have names I never actually know who is who.

I'll tell you that all of the names are
Tater, Tot, Theodore, Tito, and Pita Chip

I'm sorry I came up with odd names for my gerbils. Tater & Tot were the first two and then I had to separate them. So Tot's alone in his cage with his 2 sons and that's a really weird name by itself.

This is my cat Auni!

This is the first edit. I made her eyes a brighter green. I like how it matches the wall in the background almost perfectly.

This is the second edit. I like this one the best.

This is the third edit.

Isn't she cute?

Friday night my ex-best friend Alicia started IMing me on Myspace.
She told me she'd been in the hospital for suicidal attempts because all her new friends that she'd left me behind for abandoned her.


She apologized for being a bad friend and said if she could go back and act differently she would.

I was starting to miss her.
I said we could start over.

Today I watched some of 2012 and ate popcorn.
And drank mountain dew.

So my day started out unhealthy. I still haven't finished the movie.
I get sidetracked.

My post is early today because nothing better is going to happen.
Nothing worth writing.

Let me explain something.

It takes a lot for me to have a "great" day.
Personally, the same routine every single day will not make my day "great."
Unless it's a really fantastic routine.

If I go to school, have a decent time, laughing with friends etc, go home and do absolutely nothing,
my day was okay.

"Just okay?"

If it's a Saturday and I go to the mall for a few hours,
My day was good.

"That's good."
Yes, it is.

The mall is not that exciting, okay?

When I went to rent a movie with Ellen, Sarah and Chloe,
That was a good day. Maybe I even said great.

Now if I had a boyfriend and spent all day with him,
that would be a great day.

Don't get the wrong idea from that, I honestly don't even want a boyfriend.

If you ever hear me say I had a wonderful day
or fantastic
or amazing,

I don't even know where I'm going with this.

I'm really tired today

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Heute habe ich jemanden beleidigt unabsichtlich. Erneut. Sie hat immer wütend auf mich, damit ich einfach aufhören wird mit ihr zu sprechen. Win Win-Situation. Ich glaube, sie mag mich nicht. Sie sagte sogar, "Kasey stören mich wieder ... das ist, warum ich nicht reden zu ihr." Sie weiß nicht einmal Lächeln zurück, wenn ich sage hallo ihr in der Schule, warum sollte ich weiterhin zu handeln freundlich zu ihr? Vielleicht ist es mir und ich muss einfach aufhören zu reden.

Nein, ich werde nicht so handeln.

Außerdem war meine Mutter sehr emotional und drohte Selbstmord. Sogar ohne diese Großveranstaltungen fing mein Tag schlecht irgendwie an, weil ich weiblich bin und PMSing bin.

Wer dies, dass tatsächlich sprechen Deutsch liest, entschuldige ich mich. Ich benutzte einen Übersetzer, nur weil ich will nicht bestimmte Personen zu verstehen, diesem Beitrag.

Ich bin mir auch bewusst PMSing ist nicht ein Wort auf Deutsch. Halt den Mund.


(Wenn dieser Person nimmt sich Zeit, diese zu übersetzen, ich hoffe, Sie wissen, habe ich nicht einmal, was ich sagte. Sie nahm ihn völlig zu wörtliche. Es ist nur facebook! Ich verstehe, wie Sie sich über das Sein als besessen gekennzeichnet, Ruhe, die nach unten.)

I'm sorry to anyone who actually understands German that reads this.

Today was a bad day.

Friday, January 29, 2010


This week was worthless. I'm worthless. I really need to clean or something. I don't have chores. I should but I don't. I just don't do them. Worthless, right? Right.

I actually did my homework yesterday. I never do homework. I never even have homework. I just have Geometry. I don't feel like I'm in high school if I just get a one page Math assignment every night. I like homework sometimes. It gives me something to do. I feel accomplished once it's done. I hear California banned homework. You won't learn anything if you don't have homework. Sorry Cali.

My orchestra shirt is a size medium and it's huge. Today was the first out of uniform day of the year. Out of uniform days are not worthless. No I did not wear my orchestra shirt to school for out of uniform day. Why? Because it's huge. MORP will suck this year. The spirit days are stupid. Bleu cheese day? Ranch dressing day? Toga day? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. WORTHLESS. Creative? Sure. But a day where we just wear all blue is nothing compared to '80s day or Nerd day from last year.


I took pictures of my phone. My phone is not worthless. Neither are the people I talk to.

But Cincinnati Bell is worthless.
So are these photos.

Today's mood: Worthless.
Just in case you didn't know.

While I was looking through my photos to upload the first image in this post I came across this one. I'm uploading this too because I like it. Those are the gloves in my keepsake box that I used to let Lauren wear. Ohhh Lauren.

You know what's not worthless? Last night my ex best-friend Alicia randomly im'd me on Myspace. Turns out all the people she left me for abandoned her (again) and she apologized for being a bad friend and if she could go back she'd be better to me. I was starting to miss her, I told her I accepted her apology and we could start over.

I still don't know what to do about Aimee.

Longevity is not the basis of a friendship.

At least so one of my other friends says.

I'm confused. I need a hug.

A real hug. Not some crappy one armed thing that lasts 5 seconds.

Gute Nacht. I'm getting something to eat and I'm going to "go to sleep." That actually means lie in bed wide awake for 5 hours tossing and turning because right now I'm extremely restless and in pain.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm almost an upperclassman n_n

was a mess.

I messed up my D Major scale.
Ffffing second octave threw me off and I only went up to C, so ended on C major -_-
I screwed up the entire third page.
I didn't even bother with vibrato and I forgot to pay attention to dynamics.
I also basically ignored my accompanist.

But I got a 2 n_n

The scores go from 1 to 5 and work backwards.
1 = A+
2 = B
3 = Okay
4 or 5 = Get the F out of my room and don't touch that instrument ever again

It's a hard piece and when Mark played it he got a 3 n_n so I'm content with it even though I got a 1 in 7th grade and I definitely wasn't that great then.

On Saturday I had zero appetite and did not eat for an entire 24 hours.
I was so terribly sick afterwards.
I was basically lying on the couch writhing in pain -_-
And then today in Geometry I seriously thought I was going to die.
I couldn't get a full breath and my heart was going haywire
But then I had some of my friends diet lime pepsi at lunch and I felt wayy better.
Just still had some stomach pain.

I came home and got another pepsi put lime juice in it n_n
and now I'm munching on carrots and sour cream ranch dip :3
Since I've been sick I've only been craving stuff somewhat healthy for me
Like, junk food has not been appetizing to me at all.
I woke up really wanting cantaloupe. But since we didn't have any, I ate half a can of pineapples instead n_n
...Bad idea since pineapples are pretty acidic. I felt like I was dying.
After the fruit craving I really wanted carrots and ranch...popcorn sounded good too
because I just got back from a movie. Yes..I went to a movie feeling like I was about to die. Don't judge.
Plus freakin' Samantha had 3 pounds of chocolate in her purse which was FAR from appetizing to me -_- Anyways
My mom made several trips to the store for me and I ended up with carrots, ranch, cantaloupe, popcorn and ginger ale n_n
But I decided I don't really like ginger ale. Maybe it's just the brand she got.

Moving along..

Second semester started today

New classes. I'm taking Latin.
At first I was all, oh cool Latin sweet I can use this for med school alright ftw
And maybe it would impress my dad because he used to be fluent in Latin, the church he went spoke Latin for everything.
Since the teacher is part time and also teaches Latin at Colerain...
Latin I, II, and III are ALL taught in the SAME room at the SAME time.
So, the main teacher, I forgot her name already, teaches Latin II students on one side of the room.
And the student teacher teaches Latin I on the other side.
Latin III is in the back of the room.



I got to see The Lovely Bones! n_n
I really really liked it
It was really emotional
and I personally don't think it destroyed the book at all.
They just mixed parts up a bit
and for example:

(This is a spoiler!)

In the book, Lindsey only rips out one page of Mr. Harvey's sketch book.
In the movie, She just runs off with the entire book
There was more than one page of evidence, such as a photo and a lock of her hair

In the novel, there is no lock of Susie's hair in the sketch book, just ONE page which was a sketch of the underground "club house"

As said before, the movie showed several drawings and notes, and the photo and hair.

That's one major change I noticed and I like it, I thought it gave Mr. Harvey away more..


(I still haven't finished the book but I've read enough to get all the major details in and I know how it ends)

I just wish movies would always keep the same ending.
The endings of the books are always so good, especially Lovely Bones, it's the only book that made me cry.

Friday, January 22, 2010

That's it. It's over. Done. Gone. Fine.

Music Theory is over.
Time for a photo montage. Insert sappy music here.

My exams are done with and first semester is officially over. Music Theory is no more. I will never use anything I learned in that class ever again, but I will use the new friendships I've gained. I don't even like thinking about what would have happened if I had never replaced my study hall (especially considering I would have had that study hall with a certain someone).

All I can say is...I don't want that grape juice.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"I don't like fish, 'cause we got 3 pirahnas and I stuck my hand in 'em."

Solo/Ensemble people had to perform their pieces today in class to get used to performing in a large group of people. Or at least, that's what the teacher said.
While I was rehearsing out in the hallway my E string spontaneously came undone. :(
I didn't do too bad on my solo I guess I was just really nervous and I went way too fast. Ben said I did better than him which I don't believe but of course that's a good compliment since he has more experience than me. :)

I had two exams today. Biology and Geometry. I didn't study and one of my answers on the Biology test ended up as:
"One of Mendel's laws is the Law of Segregation. It states that different alleles of a gene separate during meiosis. I don't know the other one. :I"
Maybe the cute face will give me both points. :)

My Geometry exam ended up being really easy but I feel like I only got a C.

So my day was pretty good. I was extremely nervous all day, not just because of my solo, but because I made a small mistake that was on my mind all day.
I'm glad I have certain people I can talk to though. I'm better now. :)

"Hey no one can just have you girl. You gotta be sure. You don't want that grape juice."

'nuff said.

I just bit my lip and now it hurts.

The orchestra teacher said I should replace all my strings before solo/ensemble because I haven't gotten any new strings put on since I've owned the violin. Which is only about two years, but she said they're basically dead and don't work anymore. She replaced my G for me and told me how to do it, and Ben replaced my E for me (which I felt was the only one that needed replacing), and when I got home I tried to replace my D myself.

Never again.

I have another exam tomorrow, I think it is US Studies.
(Which I know I will fail.)
Tomorrow is technically our exam day in orchestra, but we aren't having an exam in there.

Then Friday is English...and the last day of Music Theory.

I think I'm being overly dramatic about that. ^_^ I'm going to bed. I'm deprived enough of sleep, and my overall health doesn't help with my constant tiredness to begin with.

Gute Nacht ^_^
I should do an entire blog in German.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The final days of Theory.

This is all I have to say about today.

Monday, January 18, 2010


So I was in a mopey mood today. Why? I dunno. School night? Nothing to do? Stressing over my solo still, I guess. I want to say it's almost ready to go, but then I feel like some musically inclined genius will come up to me and say HELL NAW. <-I took that photo today. I showered so now my hair isn't all perfectly straight and smooth anymore. :/ I really suck at straightening hair. I wish it wasn't so thick. My dad tells me guys like thick hair, but I DON'T. I went to Kroger and saw Blake, and he noticed me being all mopey, so he gave me an "I've been krogering" sticker. :) Then, I had all city young life. So, the day started out blah, but now I'm better, munching on m&ms and drinking mt dew. I know, I eat like a pig. I'm not fat though, yet, so I don't care. I am going to start eating better, though. Not to lose weight, because honestly I like being a little chunky. A healthier life style just puts me in a better mood, is all. There's not much of interest I have to put here, today. Happy Monday? Yeah, no.

I'm not ready for second semester. I might cry on my last day of music theory.
I have serious issues where I don't like change, at all. :[ I'm really afraid I'll be moving to Maine next year and won't be able to graduate Northwest.

Call me stubborn..I'm not starting over.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Ew! My eye! It touched my eye! EW!!"

Today was very good ^_^ I got my hair fixed

It's not really my natural color because she added a red hue to even it out..but the really dark will fade as I wash it and it will look more brown. I'm done talking about my hair now, I feel too girly.

Can you see the red? I thought it all looked black.
(btw Regina gave me that hoodie ^_^ Thankies Regina)

And then my Dad said I need to stop worrying about my hair and start worrying about my makeup because I need to hide my blemishes better. -_- Thanks Dad.

I hung out with Ellen, Sarah and Chloe today. We watched a movie and it was called House. It was alright. I wouldn't watch it again. Honestly I was too busy goofing off to pay attention to the movie...

ps: I really want to see The Lovely Bones

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'mma push dese buttons.

I'm going to talk about my hair first.

Everyone thinks it's cute. But I just think it's weird. I was going to get it re-dyed ALL red. The color, when I mixed the dye together, ended up looking too unnatural. Maybe for highlights, but not my whole head. Honestly my biggest fear is school. I can't risk having an administrator freak out and send me home to re-dye my hair, it will fall out! I'm done after this. Tomorrow I'm going to a salon. My hair will be brown. Maybe I'll get red highlights. Maybe. But my natural color will have returned. If they have that shade.

This is the intense red.

(Now that I actually see a picture of the color, I'm not so sure it looks great and am glad I didn't use it.)

This is my natural color.

Now I finally hate school uniforms. If it weren't for the uniform I wouldn't be having a problem.

Now I'm going to talk about my day.

So my school day was neutral because I was upset for reasons I won't express over the internet. However I enjoyed getting many compliments on my hair. Even though I don't like it. Lauren made me a necklace out of a hair from her bow, but I ripped it off just now because it's really uncomfortable. -_- Sorry Lauren. She's wearing my old G string since Mrs. Moore insisted I change all my strings before contest. For those who aren't musically inclined, I'm sure you're confused. This is what I'm talking about.


The "G String" goes in the empty spot. It's made of steel and if tuned properly, plays the note "G."

I came home and worked on my solo. Then went to Audrey's. Then my dad randomly made me a hair appointment at MITCHELL'S. The most expensive place? I swear he is bipolar. Then I had a "girl's night" with Amber, Saira and Erica. Or maybe it's Erika. I don't know. We went to the mall...and then Wendy's. We ordered Frosties and sat outside. In the winter. At night. And ate them. And listened to music because Saira brought her iHome. They gave Amber the wrong frosty, so she went back to get the right one. They filled it up with ice cream and just threw all the cookie dough and chocolate chips on the very top, it wasn't mixed in at all. Amber left her mess on the tables outside and wrote a note on a napkin- "Dude, what's up why all the cookie dough on the top?" The girl on duty came outside and yelled at us as we drove away.

A night to remember. :p Tomorrow, unless plans have changed, I'm going to Ellen's and watching horror movies. I think Chloe will be there too.



Thursday, January 14, 2010


-_- I tried to dye it this

It came out like this

I hated it at first. I guess it's not that bad, but not something I want permanently.
I bought more dye and I'll fix it tomorrow.
Trying to convince my dad to let me stay home from school didn't go over well at all.
I feel really selfish now, and I traumatized myself from my own emotional breakdown.

Funny, just earlier I was having a really good day at school.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Me and Regina!

Who says long distance relationships don't work?