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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm almost an upperclassman n_n

was a mess.

I messed up my D Major scale.
Ffffing second octave threw me off and I only went up to C, so ended on C major -_-
I screwed up the entire third page.
I didn't even bother with vibrato and I forgot to pay attention to dynamics.
I also basically ignored my accompanist.

But I got a 2 n_n

The scores go from 1 to 5 and work backwards.
1 = A+
2 = B
3 = Okay
4 or 5 = Get the F out of my room and don't touch that instrument ever again

It's a hard piece and when Mark played it he got a 3 n_n so I'm content with it even though I got a 1 in 7th grade and I definitely wasn't that great then.

On Saturday I had zero appetite and did not eat for an entire 24 hours.
I was so terribly sick afterwards.
I was basically lying on the couch writhing in pain -_-
And then today in Geometry I seriously thought I was going to die.
I couldn't get a full breath and my heart was going haywire
But then I had some of my friends diet lime pepsi at lunch and I felt wayy better.
Just still had some stomach pain.

I came home and got another pepsi put lime juice in it n_n
and now I'm munching on carrots and sour cream ranch dip :3
Since I've been sick I've only been craving stuff somewhat healthy for me
Like, junk food has not been appetizing to me at all.
I woke up really wanting cantaloupe. But since we didn't have any, I ate half a can of pineapples instead n_n
...Bad idea since pineapples are pretty acidic. I felt like I was dying.
After the fruit craving I really wanted carrots and ranch...popcorn sounded good too
because I just got back from a movie. Yes..I went to a movie feeling like I was about to die. Don't judge.
Plus freakin' Samantha had 3 pounds of chocolate in her purse which was FAR from appetizing to me -_- Anyways
My mom made several trips to the store for me and I ended up with carrots, ranch, cantaloupe, popcorn and ginger ale n_n
But I decided I don't really like ginger ale. Maybe it's just the brand she got.

Moving along..

Second semester started today

New classes. I'm taking Latin.
At first I was all, oh cool Latin sweet I can use this for med school alright ftw
And maybe it would impress my dad because he used to be fluent in Latin, the church he went spoke Latin for everything.
Since the teacher is part time and also teaches Latin at Colerain...
Latin I, II, and III are ALL taught in the SAME room at the SAME time.
So, the main teacher, I forgot her name already, teaches Latin II students on one side of the room.
And the student teacher teaches Latin I on the other side.
Latin III is in the back of the room.



I got to see The Lovely Bones! n_n
I really really liked it
It was really emotional
and I personally don't think it destroyed the book at all.
They just mixed parts up a bit
and for example:

(This is a spoiler!)

In the book, Lindsey only rips out one page of Mr. Harvey's sketch book.
In the movie, She just runs off with the entire book
There was more than one page of evidence, such as a photo and a lock of her hair

In the novel, there is no lock of Susie's hair in the sketch book, just ONE page which was a sketch of the underground "club house"

As said before, the movie showed several drawings and notes, and the photo and hair.

That's one major change I noticed and I like it, I thought it gave Mr. Harvey away more..


(I still haven't finished the book but I've read enough to get all the major details in and I know how it ends)

I just wish movies would always keep the same ending.
The endings of the books are always so good, especially Lovely Bones, it's the only book that made me cry.

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