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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Jillian tells me I'm the worst gay man ever because I don't like Lady Gaga."

Today was worthless.
Sundays always are.
(and I don't mean offense to any Christians who take pride on "God's Day."
I don't go to church.)

I painted my nails.
I never paint my nails.
That's the only interesting thing I have to say about today, and I painted them yesterday.
It's a creepy photo... but that's my style.

I slept until almost four.
I sat on the computer all day.
I forgot to do my chores on Saturday, and the Saturday before I was out all day...
So my dad is very upset.
This is how my Sundays usually go. I don't like hanging out on school nights.
I still haven't practiced my solo.
Solo/Ensemble = Jan. 23rd.

My energy was at level zero today.


  1. nice nails ne o(^O^)o

    i hope our school isnt so strict o(=.=)/

    they wont let us to paint nails ne o(T-T)o

  2. gasp you aren't allowed to paint nails?
    that's rough T_T