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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I want your love, I want your revenge

Aimee wishes she could dance like Lady Gaga.

Today is Saturday. That means tomorrow is Sunday, which is a school night. I brought my violin and still haven't practiced my solo. I downloaded copies of Lugia's Song because I wanted to do a "youtube project." I was going to learn the 4 main parts and record each one, and put it together in a video. The sheet music, however...

I'm almost positive you aren't supposed to write music that far below the staff. Also, treble cleft does not go that low. ALSO, Who writes ALL stringed instruments on ONE bar line? d;gld;gvkweorpgvbel;v.

Aimee and Fred and I went to Kenwood mall today. Not my mall of choice, but oh well. Aimee does nice photo shoots, she's really into fashion so she picks outfits for us and takes pictures of us when we try it on. This is the result...

I had Chik-Fil-A for lunch. Then came home, and my dad ordered pizza. Aimee and I traded makeup and nail polish. Now she's drawing, and we are listening to Lady Gaga.

It was a very girly day. I'm running on junk food and 5 hours of sleep. And I wonder why my growth is stunted...which reminds me, today I found out both my parents are average height,or should I say realized since I've known the height of both my parents since middle school. My mom is 5'4", and my dad is 5'8". If anything, my dad is only one inch below average.

Interesting. We'll find out February 5th.

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