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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brown Pokeblock was made! The level is 11, and the feel is 20. Would you like to blend another berry?

It's 5:27 in the morning. Since this is my first post I don't think it will be anything special. There's not much to write about at 5:28 in the morning. I've been listening to the radio since I started working on this blog and I've realized how redundant it is. It seems they're only playing the same 5 songs over and over again. I like how Kiss 107 advertises that they're on a commercial-free hour like it's a big special deal. EVERY hour is a commercial-free hour...

^-^ I needed something else to post...

My friend Regina gave me a link to a website that has every single episode of Pokemon ever aired since 1998. My goal is to re-watch the entire first season. I don't care about the rest. Currently I'm on episode 24. It really brings back memories. Sometimes I wish Pokemon were real, but at the same time I don't because they'd probably all be really ugly. Most, at least. Like Geodude. Or Koffing. Garydos...Onyx...Lugia would be awkward as life, because his wings have FINGERS... Although I would enjoy seeing a real Togepi, Oddish or Celebi. Also, I picked up Sapphire when my mom went to Game Stop last, so that was my first actual Pokemon game. ._. I was really into it for a while but now I'm a little bored, I'm not really getting anywhere. That's what happens when I play a video game, and that's why I don't do it often. The past two or three weeks have basically consisted of nothing but Pokemon. I watch it or play it every day...my life is going nowhere. -_-

It's almost 6 now. I have to be ready to go to the mall with Aimee at 11, and I'll be there until 4. Just me and her...trying on clothes...with just me...and her...and clothes...woo.


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