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Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Ew! My eye! It touched my eye! EW!!"

Today was very good ^_^ I got my hair fixed

It's not really my natural color because she added a red hue to even it out..but the really dark will fade as I wash it and it will look more brown. I'm done talking about my hair now, I feel too girly.

Can you see the red? I thought it all looked black.
(btw Regina gave me that hoodie ^_^ Thankies Regina)

And then my Dad said I need to stop worrying about my hair and start worrying about my makeup because I need to hide my blemishes better. -_- Thanks Dad.

I hung out with Ellen, Sarah and Chloe today. We watched a movie and it was called House. It was alright. I wouldn't watch it again. Honestly I was too busy goofing off to pay attention to the movie...

ps: I really want to see The Lovely Bones

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