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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 Keepsake Box

Every year I take a box and write the new year on it. I collect little things I think are cute or special throughout the year and keep them in the box. It's my yearly keepsake box, and once another new year comes I go through everything I've collected and then put it up for safe keeping. You'll probably think I'm retarded for this but this is my 2009 box and everything I've collected from last year.

All my old cellphones I had that year. (I go through so many phones). T-Mobile Sidekick, Sony Ericcson s500i, and LG Chocolate 3. The case for my class ring. A little box and a shell that came inside it.Regina made the box herself. It's what she wrapped my Christmas present from 2008 in. The shell was just a cute little thing and I made the tiny box my 2009 keepsake box until I had too much crap. -_- But the shell was the first thing I had put in the box. Lace Fingerless Gloves.When Lauren was my best friend, I let her wear them all the time. We both love Sweeney Todd, so we called them "Lovett Gloves." I got them from Hot Topic for my Halloween costume as an '80s girl. The Pamphlet From the NWHS Band Holiday Concert.It's funny because I ripped out Josh Hamester's name off of the pamphlet under the French Horn section. :] So I kept it. My Swine Flu Vaccine Card.Haha poor Asberry got sick from her vaccine. Music Note Necklace and Two Random Necklace Chains.I gave Lauren that necklace for our friendship...but then she gave it back. I kept it. The chains broke off of other necklaces and I just threw them in there.A Note Between Me and Kim. Panda Earrings. A Really Shiny Penny. The Necklace Charm From the Mother / Daughter Jewelry Set I Got My Mom on Mother's Day. "Northwest High School Music Department" Label.It fell off my Mellophone case...although I don't think it was supposed to.Bottle Caps.IBC Rootbeer, Izze sparkling juices, Sunkist float, and Snapple. Lemonheads.I got these for Halloween...the last time I remember eating lemonheads was when my dad was healthy enough to go out and walk around. He went to IGA and brought me back some lemonheads. He was thinking of me.A Picture of Me and Alicia.From 6th grade. Just another former best friend.A Picture of Me and My Uncle When I Was a Baby. Ticket From a High School Football Game. A Bottle of "Moonlight Mist."I found it in the girl's bathroom right before the assembly for the Rumpke field trip. I was threatening to spray Eddy with it during the assembly unless he gave me answers about what had happened to my orchestra teacher. Just the smell of this makes that entire semester of last year flash before my eyes. I love and hate it.A Bottle of Sand Rachel Got Me in Myrtle Beach. A Pride Card. Pumpkin Grams.One from Arturo, One from Kyle. Kyle only got it because I told him to. Arturo's was a nice surprise. :)The Paper From My Solo/Ensemble in 7th Grade.I didn't GET it in 2009, but I FOUND it in 2009 :)A Bracelet My Sister Got Me. Hairbow From My Cat When We Took Her to the Groomer's. A Butterfly Charm.I think it was my great Grandma's.The Star That Fell Off My Sketcher's Jeans. Friendship Bracelet Maria Gave Me. Movie Ticket for "The Eye."I love that movie. Alicia and I went to see it, I think the day it came out. "I <3 U!!!" License Plate Keychain.My dad got it for my mom a long time ago..when he still loved her lol. I found it and it was on my door for awhile but then I had it painted so I threw it in the box when I had to take it down.Stale Piece of Gum Lol. Out of Uniform Bracelet. A Letter.I wrote it in like fancy victorian era language and was gonna sent it to Regina because it was about my internet being shut off....but..then it wasn't shut off. So I didn't need to send it.A Threat/Hate Note Thing I Got in Orchestra?Yep...It says watch your back muahaha and has a sad face. Then pointing to the sad face written is you the "it" Kasey. I don't get it?A Can Tab Thing. A Hairclip From Lauren. A Hairclip Maria Gave Me. A Mint From TGIF. A Mint From Pizza Hut. Michael Jackson Pin. >A Dollar Bill.It has some website like followgeorge.com and says follow me, see where I've been on it. A Nightmare Before Christmas Wristband.It glows in the dark. Arturo gave it to me.A Christmas Bow Made of Sparkly Pipe Cleaners.Kiara made it for me.Bridge From My Violin.It snapped in half and flew off my violin one day. haha that was funny. My violin was just sitting in my lap and I put my elbows on it without realizing it and...yeah.Checkered Hairbow. A Madagascar Pin.From donating money when I went to see the eye.Steak 'n' Shake Fundraising Slips.From Orchestra. We were earning money for Disney.Gum.Orbit Mist. It's nasty but the package was cool so I saved it. Trident layers in strawberry mango and Apple pear. The strawberry mango one has a gum wrapper saying "Check Camera" inside it. Arturo stole my camera in theory, and stole the piece of gum, and took pictures to make a little story line explaining what happened to the gum.A Surgical Mask.From my Halloween Costume this year. I was little red riding hood with H1NI.A Chubby Panda Keychain.

...yep. :]

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  1. funny how we replaced our headers the same day LOL but the keepsake box is a good idea, i had one but my mom pitched it. and i like the header,