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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"I don't like fish, 'cause we got 3 pirahnas and I stuck my hand in 'em."

Solo/Ensemble people had to perform their pieces today in class to get used to performing in a large group of people. Or at least, that's what the teacher said.
While I was rehearsing out in the hallway my E string spontaneously came undone. :(
I didn't do too bad on my solo I guess I was just really nervous and I went way too fast. Ben said I did better than him which I don't believe but of course that's a good compliment since he has more experience than me. :)

I had two exams today. Biology and Geometry. I didn't study and one of my answers on the Biology test ended up as:
"One of Mendel's laws is the Law of Segregation. It states that different alleles of a gene separate during meiosis. I don't know the other one. :I"
Maybe the cute face will give me both points. :)

My Geometry exam ended up being really easy but I feel like I only got a C.

So my day was pretty good. I was extremely nervous all day, not just because of my solo, but because I made a small mistake that was on my mind all day.
I'm glad I have certain people I can talk to though. I'm better now. :)

"Hey no one can just have you girl. You gotta be sure. You don't want that grape juice."

'nuff said.

I just bit my lip and now it hurts.

The orchestra teacher said I should replace all my strings before solo/ensemble because I haven't gotten any new strings put on since I've owned the violin. Which is only about two years, but she said they're basically dead and don't work anymore. She replaced my G for me and told me how to do it, and Ben replaced my E for me (which I felt was the only one that needed replacing), and when I got home I tried to replace my D myself.

Never again.

I have another exam tomorrow, I think it is US Studies.
(Which I know I will fail.)
Tomorrow is technically our exam day in orchestra, but we aren't having an exam in there.

Then Friday is English...and the last day of Music Theory.

I think I'm being overly dramatic about that. ^_^ I'm going to bed. I'm deprived enough of sleep, and my overall health doesn't help with my constant tiredness to begin with.

Gute Nacht ^_^
I should do an entire blog in German.

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