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Sunday, January 31, 2010

some pictures...

Now I'm actually uploading what I call my "photography."

I tried to do a little photoshoot with my cat...it kind of worked.
I tried to get a good picture of my gerbils, too...that definitely didn't work.
Damn my camera's slow shutter speed.
Maybe I should have taken advantage of the "kids and pets" button now that I think of it...

This is my gerbil. I don't know her name. No, seriously. All of my gerbils are the same color and although they have names I never actually know who is who.

I'll tell you that all of the names are
Tater, Tot, Theodore, Tito, and Pita Chip

I'm sorry I came up with odd names for my gerbils. Tater & Tot were the first two and then I had to separate them. So Tot's alone in his cage with his 2 sons and that's a really weird name by itself.

This is my cat Auni!

This is the first edit. I made her eyes a brighter green. I like how it matches the wall in the background almost perfectly.

This is the second edit. I like this one the best.

This is the third edit.

Isn't she cute?

Friday night my ex-best friend Alicia started IMing me on Myspace.
She told me she'd been in the hospital for suicidal attempts because all her new friends that she'd left me behind for abandoned her.


She apologized for being a bad friend and said if she could go back and act differently she would.

I was starting to miss her.
I said we could start over.

Today I watched some of 2012 and ate popcorn.
And drank mountain dew.

So my day started out unhealthy. I still haven't finished the movie.
I get sidetracked.

My post is early today because nothing better is going to happen.
Nothing worth writing.

Let me explain something.

It takes a lot for me to have a "great" day.
Personally, the same routine every single day will not make my day "great."
Unless it's a really fantastic routine.

If I go to school, have a decent time, laughing with friends etc, go home and do absolutely nothing,
my day was okay.

"Just okay?"

If it's a Saturday and I go to the mall for a few hours,
My day was good.

"That's good."
Yes, it is.

The mall is not that exciting, okay?

When I went to rent a movie with Ellen, Sarah and Chloe,
That was a good day. Maybe I even said great.

Now if I had a boyfriend and spent all day with him,
that would be a great day.

Don't get the wrong idea from that, I honestly don't even want a boyfriend.

If you ever hear me say I had a wonderful day
or fantastic
or amazing,

I don't even know where I'm going with this.

I'm really tired today


  1. all of the cat pictures are amazing especially the one where you edited the eyes
    and the gerbil one isnt as bad as you think
    i think you only think its bad because you took it lol thats how i am

  2. thanks lol
    thats how it normally works i guess