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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"How dare you!" "How dare I? It's not like it's going anywhere...except into my pocket."

Nothing relatively interesting happened today.
However I saw 4 people I know at Kroger within like 30 minutes.
Kroger is where it's at, I'm telling you. That's where I always see people I know!

I worked on my solo after school with Mrs. Moore. I still haven't touched the 3rd page but it sounds decent...ish..so far. Amber and I decided to cut the duet though :[ We've only rehearsed together twice, and neither of us have worked on it on our own enough. She has too much to do with exams and work and BPA to practice now, anyway.

I'm getting my hair dyed tomorrow :] Arturo is all for natural beauty so he's probably going to be mad when he sees it but oh well. I have no natural beauty. I love hair dye anyway. It's going to be mahogany brown with red and gold highlights :]
I haven't dyed my hair in a while, so my hair is now black, brown and red mixed. It looks weird and I'd rather it be a solid color. Our friend Audrey is trying to give my mom a makeover, so she got her hair cut today. Tomorrow it's getting dyed and Audrey said she could dye mine too. So while I was waiting on my mom one of my very good friends sent me a really nice text that made me smile. I saved it in a separate folder in my messages titled ":)." It was the highlight of my day, because very rarely do people make the first text, and even more rarely is it something worthy of me holding onto. Yyyyyyyyyyep.

^-^ No makeup?

Even though dinner is ready, I'm munching on mini cheese flavored rice cakes. They're yummy. Oh, and Estelle and her boyfriend broke up today. :] Is it bad for me to be happy about that? Yeah...oh well. People judge. I never said I was perfect.

My final statement for this entry: I got accused of being a copycat for the 3rd time this school year. -_- I hate life.

That's all I have to say about today.

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