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Friday, January 29, 2010


This week was worthless. I'm worthless. I really need to clean or something. I don't have chores. I should but I don't. I just don't do them. Worthless, right? Right.

I actually did my homework yesterday. I never do homework. I never even have homework. I just have Geometry. I don't feel like I'm in high school if I just get a one page Math assignment every night. I like homework sometimes. It gives me something to do. I feel accomplished once it's done. I hear California banned homework. You won't learn anything if you don't have homework. Sorry Cali.

My orchestra shirt is a size medium and it's huge. Today was the first out of uniform day of the year. Out of uniform days are not worthless. No I did not wear my orchestra shirt to school for out of uniform day. Why? Because it's huge. MORP will suck this year. The spirit days are stupid. Bleu cheese day? Ranch dressing day? Toga day? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. WORTHLESS. Creative? Sure. But a day where we just wear all blue is nothing compared to '80s day or Nerd day from last year.


I took pictures of my phone. My phone is not worthless. Neither are the people I talk to.

But Cincinnati Bell is worthless.
So are these photos.

Today's mood: Worthless.
Just in case you didn't know.

While I was looking through my photos to upload the first image in this post I came across this one. I'm uploading this too because I like it. Those are the gloves in my keepsake box that I used to let Lauren wear. Ohhh Lauren.

You know what's not worthless? Last night my ex best-friend Alicia randomly im'd me on Myspace. Turns out all the people she left me for abandoned her (again) and she apologized for being a bad friend and if she could go back she'd be better to me. I was starting to miss her, I told her I accepted her apology and we could start over.

I still don't know what to do about Aimee.

Longevity is not the basis of a friendship.

At least so one of my other friends says.

I'm confused. I need a hug.

A real hug. Not some crappy one armed thing that lasts 5 seconds.

Gute Nacht. I'm getting something to eat and I'm going to "go to sleep." That actually means lie in bed wide awake for 5 hours tossing and turning because right now I'm extremely restless and in pain.


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