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Monday, January 11, 2010

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!" "What are you doing here?!"

Today was very good ^-^
Especially for being a Monday.

It's Aaron's Birthday and he had cupcakes made for band.
But I'm not in band :[ I didn't get any.
Except he had one left and he saved it for me for 4th block!
I kept the candle on it and it's going in my special box :]
My first keepsake item of 2010.
He also had a mini cake thing saved for 4th block so everyone got a piece of that.
I got a cupcake, and a piece of cake!
I love Music Theory.
Artie was coming up with the types of pokemon people in our class would be.
I'm a female Nidoran.
Artie is a Primeape.
Tyler = Drowsy
Aaron = MewTwo
Heather = Wigglytuff
Jan = Diglet
Devin = Doduo
Blake = Alakazam.
Also, Devin had asked about some tree pokemon that had 3 heads and ran around.
Artie and I were both thinking of the answer and I actually came up with it first.
"What's that one pokemon that's a tree with 3 heads and it runs around?"
"Woah good job!"
"Kasey you will never hear me say this again in your entire life. Good job. You win."


Onto other stuff...When I came home from school I exercised.
I guess it's one of my new years resolutions.
New Years Resolutions:
- Change my attitude
- Keep the house clean
- Fix my sleeping schedule
- Exercise

And not to lose weight necessarily although it wouldn't hurt. Just because you tend to be happier when you're eating healthier and exercising. It will also give you energy.
I'm just so dead lately. I'm always tired. Aimee even says I look like I need more sleep.
She also says I need to eat better.
Because my height, weight, and skin is all because of my diet.
-_- Thanks Aimee.
Anyways I figured maybe I just need to fix my sleeping schedule and treat my body better, if that doesn't work well then...ya know.

Speaking of practicing my violin...

I finally worked on my pieces today. I ran through my Solo and Duet. I don't think it will take as much time as I thought, as long as I actually work on it EVERY day from now on. I only have until NEXT Saturday.
Wait, that's a lot sooner than I had though. CRAP! I'm screwed. -_- Ugh. I hate myself right now for putting it off so long. I mean the notes are easyish. I just need to be able to play fluently because it gets pretty high.

I also worked on Lugia's song and I decided it's not that hard...it just goes up to about 8th position, has time signatures I've never worked on, like 5/4 and 1/8, and has thirty-second notes everywhere. Also, don't forget the bass part was transferred to treble cleft and therefore there are notes lower than the violin can possibly play written in. For example, that really low note on my second post from the sheet music is the lowest note a Cello can play.

I'm very sleepy. I think maybe I'll go take a nap. I need to do my Geometry homework, but I didn't fall asleep until around...4 am.


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  1. if imitation was the sincerest form of flattery, i would be honored, but since it's not i just feel angry. i'm sorry but i have come to notice that you have directly copied more than one thing off of my blog...
    "favorite quotes" you did your about me the same way, status, got your tagboard and music player from the same site and even had the nerve to give the section a similar title...i mean really? and the picture in this post also offended me a little because of this i had in my own post a while back and on facebook which also says that you "like" http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=164732&id=1788874550 and i really dont appreciate your mockery...

    i just thought i would let you know, and this is the calmest i can say it considering my mood at the moment...im sorry for being so blatantly rude but i just thought you had the right to know