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Friday, January 15, 2010

I'mma push dese buttons.

I'm going to talk about my hair first.

Everyone thinks it's cute. But I just think it's weird. I was going to get it re-dyed ALL red. The color, when I mixed the dye together, ended up looking too unnatural. Maybe for highlights, but not my whole head. Honestly my biggest fear is school. I can't risk having an administrator freak out and send me home to re-dye my hair, it will fall out! I'm done after this. Tomorrow I'm going to a salon. My hair will be brown. Maybe I'll get red highlights. Maybe. But my natural color will have returned. If they have that shade.

This is the intense red.

(Now that I actually see a picture of the color, I'm not so sure it looks great and am glad I didn't use it.)

This is my natural color.

Now I finally hate school uniforms. If it weren't for the uniform I wouldn't be having a problem.

Now I'm going to talk about my day.

So my school day was neutral because I was upset for reasons I won't express over the internet. However I enjoyed getting many compliments on my hair. Even though I don't like it. Lauren made me a necklace out of a hair from her bow, but I ripped it off just now because it's really uncomfortable. -_- Sorry Lauren. She's wearing my old G string since Mrs. Moore insisted I change all my strings before contest. For those who aren't musically inclined, I'm sure you're confused. This is what I'm talking about.


The "G String" goes in the empty spot. It's made of steel and if tuned properly, plays the note "G."

I came home and worked on my solo. Then went to Audrey's. Then my dad randomly made me a hair appointment at MITCHELL'S. The most expensive place? I swear he is bipolar. Then I had a "girl's night" with Amber, Saira and Erica. Or maybe it's Erika. I don't know. We went to the mall...and then Wendy's. We ordered Frosties and sat outside. In the winter. At night. And ate them. And listened to music because Saira brought her iHome. They gave Amber the wrong frosty, so she went back to get the right one. They filled it up with ice cream and just threw all the cookie dough and chocolate chips on the very top, it wasn't mixed in at all. Amber left her mess on the tables outside and wrote a note on a napkin- "Dude, what's up why all the cookie dough on the top?" The girl on duty came outside and yelled at us as we drove away.

A night to remember. :p Tomorrow, unless plans have changed, I'm going to Ellen's and watching horror movies. I think Chloe will be there too.



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