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Monday, January 18, 2010


So I was in a mopey mood today. Why? I dunno. School night? Nothing to do? Stressing over my solo still, I guess. I want to say it's almost ready to go, but then I feel like some musically inclined genius will come up to me and say HELL NAW. <-I took that photo today. I showered so now my hair isn't all perfectly straight and smooth anymore. :/ I really suck at straightening hair. I wish it wasn't so thick. My dad tells me guys like thick hair, but I DON'T. I went to Kroger and saw Blake, and he noticed me being all mopey, so he gave me an "I've been krogering" sticker. :) Then, I had all city young life. So, the day started out blah, but now I'm better, munching on m&ms and drinking mt dew. I know, I eat like a pig. I'm not fat though, yet, so I don't care. I am going to start eating better, though. Not to lose weight, because honestly I like being a little chunky. A healthier life style just puts me in a better mood, is all. There's not much of interest I have to put here, today. Happy Monday? Yeah, no.

I'm not ready for second semester. I might cry on my last day of music theory.
I have serious issues where I don't like change, at all. :[ I'm really afraid I'll be moving to Maine next year and won't be able to graduate Northwest.

Call me stubborn..I'm not starting over.

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