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Thursday, February 4, 2010

i'm married n_n

lol ^_^ I got tired of seeing "single" there.


I have my entire outfit planned.

Half my hair will be up in pigtails
The other half will just be worn down.
Polka dot head band,
2 zebra print hair bows,
1 checkerboard print hair bow.
A bunch of head bands around my neck.
Some necklace that's an imitation of some stone from a video game
My neon blue plaid shirt
Orange polka dot tank top underneath that
Blue & white striped polo underneath the tanktop...OR MAYBE INSTEAD The Romeo&Juliet shirt I made for English I
Black skinny jeans
Pink plaid shorts over the skinny jeans...they wont button though I kinda feel like a hoe.
One leg rolled up (kind of)
My left shoe will be zebra print
My right will have lightning bolts on it
Black lace fingerless gloves
A game over wristband
A nightmare before christmas wristband
The SUPPOSED to be glow in the dark star earrings Regina made me ^_^
and my makeup
One eye will be dark and emo
heavy blue eyeshadow, gaudy eyeliner, yer
The other will be subtle and preppy
Like just mascara, some sort of pink or white sparkly eyeshadow

I just realized how much I hate the music on the radio

All these R&B songs make me want to much babies

I like R&B generally but anything played on KISS 107 SUCKS right now.


I just wrote the pages of my short story due tomorrow for English II
She said to write 3 pages if we're hand writing it, because we have to write it out double spaced and 3 pages would probably equal one.

I ended up writing 4..and started a 5th... -_-

I'm posting it here, don't judge lol and don't read it if you don't want to hear some terrible writing skills >_< It's an assignment okay

I rose from my seat along with the rest of the orchestra. A bow followed. The lights blinded me and the applause echoed in the background against all the thoughts running through my head. Finally, the room brightened and the audience began to make their way to the exit. Fathers packed up their camera equipment, mothers reached for their purses and restless children startled by the sudden racket from the crowd started to whine.
When signaled, we headed to the right off stage. I cradled my instrument in my arms and rushed down the backstage ramp, trying to avoid an unfortunate crash into a wall or even worse, that ridiculously tall percussionist. I felt like I was in the military as we all marched single file into Room 56. Our safe room. The room we all went to after school. The room we felt completely at home in. The orchestra room.
Over in the corner by the lockers was our secretive sixth chair violinist, Lia. Lia always kept to herself, sometimes she did get too loud, but who didn't? Not many had a terribly poor opinion of her, most just described her as the quiet girl with dark hair, because most of the time Lia was indeed quiet. On the rare occasions she did interrupt class, it was with something witty that had everyone in tears of laughter. However, I simply knew Lia as my best friend. She seemed bothered tonight, so naturally I approached her. "Hello," I said.
Lia glanced at me and shared a brief smile, then turned to continue packing up her instrument.
"Are you alright?" I asked. "You've seemed distant lately."
"I'm just fine," she answered.
I was skeptical of her response. Not wanting to argue, I casually extended my arms out for a hug. A gesture of which she ignored completely. I hadn't noticed that the orchestra room had emptied out entirely. Cold air crept in from outside through the cracked window. Only the fluorescent lighting in the first half of the room was illuminated, and a gust of wind that had also seeped through the window swept someone's abandoned sheet music across the dusty, laminate flooring. Once again, I broke the silence. "Lia," I said.
"What," she mumbled back, in an irritable tone that left me with a slight feeling of discomfort.
"I love you." A warm smile grew across my face, I hoped my statement would make her feel better.
"Okay, thanks."
The smile dissolved. Confused and a little hurt, I left the room, while Lia stayed behind and slid her beloved violin into her locker for the last time.

But that's all I have, which isn't a lot, so yeah. :]

'Cause I'm really pumped about the classes I signed up for.

Electives: (In order that I selected them from 1 to 8)
Music Appreciation
Latin II (Only chosen because I already started Latin I)
German I
German II (Chosen because I HEARD it would return next year, and I would definitely want German more than Latin, but I just needed to fill up my choices and I wasn't sure if it would even be back next year. Now I find out it will be.)
Foods and Nutrition (or whatever that class is called...something like that.)
Drama I
Zoology Advanced

I don't even want Foods and Drama...I just needed to put something down...
Zoology I'm not like DYING for, but it was listed as number 8 for a reason.

Core/Required Classes:
AP Psychology (I don't CARE if it's a class mostly seniors take... don't judge me)
Chemistry Honors
English III Honors
Algebra II Advanced
P.E. I

I'm just excited I'm finally gonna have honors classes...
I wanted to take AP Biology but I need Botany first
and I don't care about plants so F that

oh yeah.....and on a side note

:) I'm done

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  1. tan-q for the happy birthday ^_^
    and i like the story :D
    you have a nice writing style